You can contact Eugene Vinitski directly and personally every day of the week:

Mobile phone , GSM: 076 366 9401
For international calls dial: 0041 76 366 9401

You can send an e-mail:

How to purchase an artwork made by Eugene Vinitski?

For a complete description of the artwork you are interested in (dimensions, technique, framing etc.), the exact price and buying information, contact the artist directly:

Please mention the following info in your mail:

1. Which artwork are you interested in?
(You can copy the image from the site and paste it in your mail or send it as an attachment.)

2. Who are you (Name, address, phone-number)?

3. Where (country, city, location) should the artwork be delivered?

4. Can you collect the work yourself at the studio in Geneva, Switzerland or should it be shipped?

We will first examine of your request and then send you an e-mail with the information you need. This e-mail will contain extra details about the artwork including the exact price, shipping charges etc. And if you decide to buy the specific artwork you will have to confirm this by e-mail and pay in advance. When you place your order you will be given the bank coordinates to make the payment. As soon as we receive confirmation of the payment, we will provide for delivering the articles you have bought. Clients who would like to see the work life at the studio in Geneva, Switzerland before buying it should first make an appointment to make sure the artist is present at the time.



Giclee - it's a reproduction of the original artwork in limited quantity. Reproductions are signed and numbered by the author. It's a high quality, digital reproduction on canvas.

Original painting - it is the original artwork, unique exemplar painted by the artist.