Eugene Vinitski - Artist & Illustrator

Eugene Vinitski was born in Moscow in 1957 into a family of artists. His first source of inspiration was his own father's painting, which he greatly admired. He studied in Moscow at the Central Art School from 1971-1975 and the All Union State Institute of Cinematography from 1975-1982.

By 1971 he had become a member of the Union of Painters, and by 1983 Art Director in the Soviet Cinema and Television industry, as well as a member of the Union of Filmmakers.

By 1991, he had settled in Switzerland, where he continues to paint and work in publishing design.

Now for the past 18 years he has tremendously enjoyed being able to pursue his love for art here in Geneva. He has rich computer graphic and illustrator experience. His image problem solving takes many forms that fit the clientsí needs. By combining various situations and objects into bold and interesting angles he is able to convey clear ideas to the viewer in a hyperealistic manner.

His works are in private collections in Switzerland, Germany, USA , Russia and Israel.


Virtual gallery of Eugene Vinitski works